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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  I am a new resident, how can I learn more about the Ranger Drainage District?

A.  Welcome!  Please feel free to drop by the RDD offices and say hello.  We have an annual 4-color newsletter, other printed materials and are happy to answer any question you have.  We look forward to meeting you!

Q: Are there any easements on my lot?

A: According to the Wedgefield Deed Restrictions, all lots have a 6’ side yard and 8’ rear lot line easement.  However, many other parcels have additional easements.  Your surveyor and Title Company would be responsible for locating all easements for you. We advise you to have a survey and title search done on any lot on which you plan to build. 


Q: Do I need a permit from the District for projects that I may want to do on my property?

A: As a rule of thumb, any project you plan to do that requires a permit from Orange County will require a permit from the District as well.  There are some exceptions, feel free to call the office to see if your particular project will require a permit.


Q: Does the District have authority over my water and sewer?

A: No.  The City Area and The Reserve are serviced by Utilities Inc., 407-869-1919.


Q: Are there any Fire Hydrants located in the Estate Area??

A: Yes. They are called “Draft Hydrants” and are located at: 
Canal 5 & Dallas Blvd. 
Canal 3 & Dallas Blvd. 
Canal 2 & Dallas Blvd. 
Canal 1 & Bancroft Blvd. 
Canal 2 & Bancroft Blvd.

Q: Is Ranger Drainage District in charge of Mosquito Control? 

A: No, You will need to contact Orange County Mosquito Control at 407-254-9120


Q: My property will not drain. Can Ranger Drainage help me get the water off my property? 

A: No. The Ranger Drainage District does not work on private property.

Q: Want more history on the District?

A. Ranger Drainage District Water Control Plan can provide that for you
    - Click to Download: Third Amended Water Control Plan

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