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About Ranger Drainage District


The Ranger Drainage District (RDD) is an independent special district that was created on June 11, 1970 under the provisions of Chapter 298 Florida Statutes.  The District, a government agency, has constructed a series of canals and secondary easements that provides proper storm water drainage for the properties located within the District.  The district covers a total of 10.38 square miles.  There are five major canals and numerous secondary easements. 

RDD’s activities include issuing permits for various types of construction.  All property within the District is subject to the rules adopted by RDD.  No property owner is exempt from the District’s authority.  

RDD is not responsible for mosquito control, solid waste, street signs, roads or potable water/sewage.


Here is a link to Florida State Statute Chapter 298 

Ranger Drainage District Staff
A committed staff is responsible for daily inspections of the drainage infrastructure and routinely inspects the canals, and easements. The field-operations team is in the field on a regular basis inspecting waterways, removing debris and infringing vegetation, and various other routine maintenance within the District.  Additionally, RDD is responsible for the installation of all driveway culverts.

Photographs below, from left to right:  Dawn Mullins, General Manager; Carlynn Rothey, Wanda Tucker

and the Field Operations Team.


Board of Supervisors
A three-member Board of Supervisors governs the District, elected by the landowners of the District.  Each supervisor is elected for a three-year term, and each year one of the supervisors is up for re-election. The Board of Supervisors adopts rules that apply to all lands within the District.  The rules are related to the drainage system and how water flows within the development.  An independent audit is conducted annually by an independent Auditor. An annual Board of Supervisors election is held every June.  The election ballots are mailed to landowners in May of each year.  

 Russ Beyersdorf

(Term Expires 2024)

Dave Mauck

(Term Expires 2026)

Mike Nolan

(Term Expires 2025)

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